9th Annual Native and Wild Trout Conference – April 12th

Sponsored by AZGFD and AZ TU State Council

The conference is held for those interested in meeting, networking, and developing future plans to promote
restoration and management of native and wild coldwater fish species in Arizona and New Mexico. Over 125 individuals attend the conference and represent more than 35 agencies and organizations involved in water conservation and management, trout recovery and habitat enhancement.


  • Kenote Speaker
  • Trout Unlimited Southwest Native Trout Strategy
  • Western Native Trout Initiative (WNTI) Programs
  • Challenges with Native Trout Conservation in the Southwest
  • Lees Ferry: Glen Canyon Dam (Tailwater) Management Plan
  • Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI)
  • Tonto National Forest “Needs to Change” Plan
  • Collecting, Displaying and Modeling Stream Temperature Data
  • Trout Recovery Plan Updates
  • Conservation Awards for Distinguished Service

Lunch and a BBQ following the conference will be hosted by theAZ Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation, AZ Flycasters and Arizona TU Council