Support for Lees Ferry: Our Voices Have Been Heard

On January 5th comments were due for a National Park Service Expanded Non-native Aquatic Species Management Plan Environmental Assessment (EA) that included electrofishing mechanical removal of brown trout in Lees Ferry/Glen Canyon.
We requested your support to oppose this action that will have a damaging impact on the Lees Ferry trout fishery and the business and guide services dependent on that fishery. Our comments were included in the over 450 submissions to protect and support the fishery from this specific proposal.
By submitting our comments in opposition to mechanical removal of brown trout in Lees Ferry/Glen Canyon we affirmed angler and sportsman support, demonstrate the importance of the Lees Ferry/Marble Canyon trout fishery, and provide direction to the Park Service for acceptable alternatives in the EA.
Our comments make a BIG difference! 
Thank you! 
Details on the proposals are available at:Park Service Scoping Notice