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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Arizona Council of Trout Unlimited (AZTU) believes that in order to sustain the work we are doing today, we need whole communities, including the next generation, involved in this work. To do this, AZTU promotes opportunities that advance inclusion for any marginalized group including women, youth, people of color and diverse socioeconomic, cultural backgrounds and abilities. The programs AZTU has in place are our collective effort to introduce everyone to the joy of coldwater fishing and conservation.

Trout In The Classroom

Since 2015, Arizona Trout Unlimited has partnered with Arizona Game and Fish Department, volunteer educators, biologists and conservation laypeople to bring this unique natural resource/environmental education program to the classrooms of 3rd through 12th graders. This program places a cold water tank in the classroom and throughout the school year students raise trout from egg to fry. This program encourages a S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) curriculum and fosters understanding and respect for Arizona’s natural resources.

Summer Fish Camp

Arizona Trout Unlimited volunteers train the next generation of conservationists while teaching teenaged boys and girls how to fish in a cool Northern Arizona setting.

Youth Fishing Clinics

Arizona Trout Unlimited Members volunteer to teach kids the magic of fishing and instills a sense of custodianship for the environment. In the past members have taught youth from Boys and Girls Clubs and Special Olympics. Currently there are no youth clinics scheduled. If you would like to volunteer or have your youth group attend a fishing clinic, contact [email protected].

Check back for updates/volunteer opportunities.

Arizona Women of Trout Unlimited

This group of women who love to get outdoors gets together for fishing outings, book club discussions, social events and other fun activities around the state. Join the group’s private Facebook page: Arizona Women of Trout Unlimited.

STREAM Keepers

STREAM Keepers began as TU’s STEM program for girls, but AZTU has expanded it to include all people of all ages. STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Recreation, Engineering, Art and Math. There is a complete STREAM Keepers session book that outlines ideas of what and how to engage people with the outdoors through hands on activities including observing water, collecting flow data, looking at aquatic bugs, fly tying and fly casting all while recording their thoughts and observations in a personal handbook. This is a program that can be as big as several sessions or as small as a couple of hours. AZTU is looking for someone to take the lead for this initiative. Champion it on your own or wrangle a few of your friends to help. Date, timeframe, duration and details are up to you!

Contact Susan Geer at [email protected] for more information.