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Apache Trout Cooperative Management Program (CMP)

AZTU-PPC, as well as TU National are actively engaged in developing a collaborative plan for how we should manage Apache Trout if the US Fish and Wildlife Service decides to delist the Apache Trout because the recovery objectives have been met. Stay tuned for more as this evolves!

Senate Passes Water Infrastructure Bill with Major Investments in Job-Creating Conservation Projects – READ MORE

Priority Waters

One of the major initiatives in the Five-year Strategic Plan coming out of TU National is the concept of “Priority Waters”. As a conservation group, we can be drawn into any number of issues. This initiative recognizes that we can only do so much and we need to FOCUS on the waters that are aligned with our mission: cold, freshwater that sustain native and wild trout (and salmon). We are aligning our focus on the 85 waters in AZ that AZGFD has identified as their current or potential wild and native trout waters. We are once again demonstrating our forward thinking by embracing the “Priority Waters” concept and are pursuing a pilot role in this initiative. The next step is to engage in further dialogue with AZGFD to narrow this further to waters.

2021 Legislative Sessions Wrap-up

The 2021 Arizona legislature has concluded. Here is a summary of the bills we influenced, led by Nate Rees:


HB2056/ SB1368: Water Conservation “Use it or lose it” – Passed

This bill allows in-stream water right holders to not pump their allocated amount and still retain their water rights permit. Good for riparian area, wildlife and downstream users.

HB2127/ SB1384: AZ Heritage Fund – Passed

This bill dedicates 5 million to the Arizona Heritage Fund, these funds are spent on improving parks, trails and preserving historical sites.

HB2248/ SB1175: ACC Renewable energy regulations – Defeated

This bill would take away the Arizona Corporation Commissions authority to regulate utility companies on how electricity is produced, e.g. Solar, hydro, wind etc.

HB2702: Limiting the sale of private lands to Fed. – Defeated

If a private land owner wanted to sell their land to a branch of the federal government (Forest Service, BLM, Fish and Wildlife) it would first have to be approved by a Arizona state legislative committee.

Governors Healthy Forest Initiative:
HB2247/SB1177: Forest products processing tax credit – Passed

This bill gives logging companies a tax credit based on the amount of slash/ biomass that is removed from the forest.

HB2440/SB1442: Hazardous vegetation removal – Passed

This bill funds the forest thinning on state lands and addresses invasive plant removal like Tamarisk.

HB2691: ADEQ Surface Water Protection bill – Passed

This bill puts a state water quality protection on perennial streams. This is a second layer of protection from the federal Clean Water Act.


HB2679: Ground water monitoring – Defeated

Would give counties and cities outside of a AMA the ability to monitoring ground water pumping.

HB2003/SR1002: Support of proper forest management – Defeated

A resolution that would outline the states support for proper forest management. And how important forest restoration is to the watersheds that supply the Phoenix valley.

HCR2034/SCR1046: AZ outdoor recreation economy – Defeated

A resolution that outlines the importance of public lands and outdoor recreation to the states economy.

National Park Service (NPS) Incentivized Harvest Program at Lee’s Ferry

In the NPS’s efforts to protect the native humpbacked chub, they are offering a $25 bounty on each brown trout over 6 inches caught in the Lee’s Ferry section of the Colorado River. While AZ Trout Unlimited is committed to catch and release, we view this as a less threatening option to repeated electro-shocking to remove the brown trout. Click HERE for additional information.

We encourage our members to participate in this program.

AZTU Public Policy 2021 Strategy

The Public Policy Committee conducted our second annual Strategy Summit and focused our attention on collaboratively developing our Action Plans around three major themes: clean water, catchable native and wild trout in Arizona, and organizational enablement.

The Public Policy Committee meets:

Every second Tuesday of the month
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Contact Tom Osterday at for more information or to attend