On the Rise

Diversity Initiative Newsletter Features Ways to Connect to More Diverse Communities

TU’s Women’s Initiative was launched in 2011 to address the concern that only six percent of all TU members were women, while at the same time women made up 36 percent of all anglers in the U.S.

In 2016, the initiative was renamed the Diversity Initiative in recognition that the successes of the past five years in recruiting and engaging female members and leaders could translate to similar growth in other demographic areas of our membership. At the same time, we celebrated an increase in female engagement in TU as members, and a significant growth in the number of female leaders at the chapter and council level!

The Spring edition of the Diversity Initiative Newsletter “On the Rise” is designed to share the best practices and lessons learned by your fellow volunteers in recruiting, retaining and engaging a diverse range of members in TU and in leadership roles. In this issue, you’ll find articles on:

  • PA STREAM Girls call for Volunteers
  • Two young women of the Youth Leadership Council write women in fly fishing
  • The Zane Gray Chapter hosts a Special Olympics Fishing Derby
  • And much more!

Read “On the Rise” and view a range of great resources for your local Diversity’s Initiative work in the online Tacklebox at www.tu.org/women.