Full Report — Lees Ferry Recreational Fishery Management Recommendations: The Voice of Lees Ferry Recreational Anglers, Guides and Businesses

The Arizona Council of Trout Unlimited, Inc is proud to be a lead sponsor of the broad group of anglers, guides, businesses, organizations and agencies that have developed a comprehensive set of recommendations and rationale for a balanced management of the wild, self-sustaining Rainbow trout fishery at Lees Ferry on the Colorado River.   Individuals from AZ-TU’s member chapters have guided this effort, served on the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Work Group (AMG) and the Technical Work Group (TWG) for the Department of the Interior, and continue to represent recreational angling as the Long Term Experimental and Management EIS for Glen Canyon Dam is developed by the Bureau of Reclamation and the National Park Service.

So TU is happy to welcome the release of the full recommendations report.  The complete report can be read and printed here:

Lees Ferry Recommendations -final- 8-2015

And a 2 page summary with links and contacts suitable for printing as a handout is here:

LF Recommendations summary Combo handout 8-25-15-1

AZ-TU supports ” Co2ld Water – A Wake Up Call ” – A Fly Fishing Film on Climate Change

This recent fly fishing themed film focuses on the impacts of climate change on trout, watersheds, our children, and our ways of life. Developed by Conservation Hawks, it offers comments from many leading members of the fly fishing community, and was supported by TU and a number of well known angling oriented enterprises.

To see the video, and an excellent commentary about it, and with supporting information on a TU webpage, go here:


On the TU web page, scroll down to the “Co2ld” window to start the video.

2015 Apache Trout Award and Gila Trout Award

The Arizona Trout Unlimited Council would also like to announce the 2015 recipients of the Apache Trout Award, which is awarded to an agency/organization for it’s work on conservation of native and wild trout, and the Gila Trout Award, which is awarded to an individual for their work on conservation of native and wild trout. In 2014 the Apache Trout Award recipient was the White Mountain Apache Game and Fish Department, and the Gila Trout Award was given to Dr. Bob Behnke.

  • The 2015 recipient of the Apache Trout Award is the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish for their work restoring Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout to the Costilla Creek watershed.
  • The 2015 recipient of the Gila Trout Award is presented jointly this year to Jeremy Voeltz and Jennifer Johnson from USFWS, for their continued work conserving Apache Trout in Arizona.

AZ Council Directions for 2015

Arizona Council of Trout Unlimited, Inc,
Directions for 2015
From November 22, 2014 Planning Meeting


The Arizona Council of Trout Unlimited, Inc. exists to support and coordinate the efforts, projects and communications of the Trout Unlimited Chapters within the state. These directions have been established as the result of a full day planning session with many of the cooperating and collaborating organizations those chapters and the full council have worked with over the last several years. The direction statements here are deliberately simple, and do not address the plans and actions that will be necessary to fully achieve success.

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Fifth Annual Native and Wild Trout Conference Wrapup

The Fifth Annual Native and Wild Trout Conference was April 24-25, 2014 at the Arizona Game & Fish Department headquarters and was a great success. Thursday started with a greeting from Jim DeVos, Assistant Director of AZGFD and a keynote address by Chris Wood, President/CEO of Trout Unlimited, then covered a range of topics with presenters from AZGFD, the US Forest Service, the US Fish & Wildlife Service, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, the Southwest Tribal Fisheries Commission, the Salt River Project, the Nature Conservancy and the New Mexico Trout Unlimited Council. Friday had a field trip to the Gila trout restoration site at Grapevine Creek, led by Mike Anderson of AZGFD.

Click Here for the Fifth Annual Native and Wild Trout Conference full agenda and presentations.

Position on Native and Wild Non-Native Trout Adopted

Arizona Council of Trout Unlimited


Adopted 6-5-2014

 AZTU and the Arizona chapters of Trout Unlimited value and work to re-establish and preserve robust populations of native trout and their original streams and ranges in Arizona.  They are our first priority.

We also hold wild populations of non-native trout of great importance and constantly work to preserve them and the waters they occupy for the fisheries values they provide.

If it is not possible to establish a self-sustaining population of native or wild trout in a water system, AZTU and individual TU Chapters may elect to support alternate means of providing fish for sport-fishing purposes.

We have established clear guidelines and procedures to assure that any actions we take regarding all these fishes, their streams and ranges, are well thought out.

Ref: The Arizona Council of Trout Unlimited

Native And Wild Non-Native Salmonid Management Position – ADOPTED 2014-04-03

Fourth Annual Arizona Native Trout Workshop Wrapup

The 2013 Arizona Native Trout Workshop was sponsored by Arizona Game & Fish Department and the Arizona Trout Unlimited State Council.

Interested parties gathered in Phoenix to network, to share knowledge, and to develop and promote future plans for native coldwater fish species in Arizona.

2013 Native Trout Conference / Workshop

A wealth of information was developed through presentations, breakout sessions and general discussions. The following materials and presentations are now available for free download:

(media to follow)